Run Fast Run Clean Run as One


August 17-18, 2019 Trial

You didn't go to AAC Nationals but would still love to run agility on this lovely weekend!

Indoors - Fezdome

Judges: Claude Boisvert & Cindy Swiney

Events: 2 Standard (SAM), 2 Gamble (SAM), 2 Jumpers (SAM), and 2 Snooker (SAM)

More information and Premium to follow.


  • ONLY entries thru Agility Rocks will be accepted (
  • Payment is NOT to be sent at the time of entry but will be requested on your confirmation email
Tips and Hints
  • Enter all your dogs before clicking "submit my entry" on the Agility Rocks system. Once that has been clicked, you can not enter any more dogs or make any changes.
  • Have a CAA entry certificate (free weekend package, half-price entry, or guarenteed entry)? Enter ALL your desired runs thru Agility Rocks and then email a picture/copy of the certificate and your total owing will be adjusted.
  • Want a specific partner in Team Relay? Email with the subject "Team Partner" and give the dog/handler you wish to be paired with.